Thursday, 15 October 2009

My Homemade Photography Studio!

I usually photograph my cakes on a small table set against the plain wall of my kitchen - I like the look this creates but it can get quite difficult to gain natural light in this position and I am always a little wary of placing very heavy wedding cakes on the table (how awful would it be if it collapsed!) so I started to research an alternative.

There is a set you can buy which includes 2 'daylight' lamps and a photography 'cube' in which you place the item to be photographed but it is £250 and I wouldn't want to find out it wasn't suitable for the job so.....

Using a box from a recently delivery I cut off one side to make the back and sides of my very own photography background. I covered the box in black cardboard, placed another sheet of black cardboard on my large, very secure kitchen table as a base then placed the background on top and voila! My very own photography studio!

Arty shot of the 'studio' in the reflection from my kitchen aid bowl......

Hopefully I will be able to modify the colour of the card depending on the cake. Fingers crossed the photographs will look good.... watch this space!

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