Thursday, 15 October 2009

Pink Cupcakes

My very best client, Debs, asked for 6 individually decorated cupcakes. It was nearly time for her friend to leave for the Isle of Harris (I created the Isle of Harris cake for the recent 'See you soon' party) so the group of friends were going to a spa as a treat and Debs wanted a cupcake each to eat with the champagne they were taking (to hopefully absorb some of the alcohol!)

Bare naked cupcakes:
Just a touch of buttercream:

The theme was pink and girlie for 5 of the cupcakes. The 6th was to be covered in green! Apparently when I made the green Ben 3 cake earlier this year one of the young party guests took a piece of cake home in her party bag and while she was asleep her mum tried 'a little bit' of the cake and found it so yummy she finished off the whole slice! So the green cake was a little joke for that friend....

The finished result:
We made little name flags for each of the cakes - I think they're so sweet!

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  1. these are so cute, thank you for looking on my blog, this is a reply! Love your cakes too, i am based in Cambridge.
    Happy baking