Friday, 12 February 2010

Car surgery?

Today I took my little car for some minor cosmetic surgery ...equivalent to a face peel perhaps or one of those 'filler' procedure?! 
This is him before we left looking nervous (only to be expected)

And a couple of hours later we went to pick him up and.....

How fabulous he looks!  The company Spencer Signs did a great job and were extremely helpful and put up with my indecision and procrastination.

I must confess that driving him back I was extra careful.  Firstly, because I wanted everyone to look at the sides of the car as I paused at roundabouts and secondly, if I cut someone up they'd know where to find me!!  Ha ha!


We decided not to have anything on the bonnet (well, it is the size of a sheet of A4) but this is the view from the back:

He's like a new car....

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  1. This is absolutely BRILLIANT! It looks great! You'll be inundated!
    Z x