Monday, 22 February 2010

How do I make a sphere cake? (football cake, globe cake, you name it!)

Last week I needed to make a football cake so out came my trusty sphere cake tin.  I think sphere cakes are definitely the hardest to make...

The tin.  Impressive eh?  Looks a little like a spaceship...."to infinity and cake heaven!"  Anyway, I digress.....:
Lightly butter the tin, especially around the rim:
Cut out some small rectangles of greaseproof paper:
And place around the top of the tin to stop the mixture falling out (this photo insisted on displaying the round way round so please move your head 90 degrees to the left to view correctly!):
Fill with cake mixture as high as you dare!
Place the top half of the tin lightly on the bottom half and remove the greaseproof paper.  Then ensure the top is SECURELY inserted, if not the mix may leak out.  Bake the cake for 20 minutes then remove the tin from the oven and invert the ball, return the cake to the oven for the remaining cooking time.
Remember I said to make sure the lid is secured??  I'd inverted the tin and when I later checked the oven the mixture flowing out of the crack in the tin...oops!  This is how the cake turned out - with the middle missing!

Not to worry as my second attempt was a success!
The decorated sphere:

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  1. Sigh!!! ...I have got to get one of those tins very soon to make a football, and I have got to say I am dreading make it look so simple! yeah, the first picture you had a bit of a boo boo, but boy your second is perfection! and as for the fondant covering..WOW!!!