Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My new alphabet cutters

Well, they are not actually new know how it is, you're browsing around the cake stuff looking to buy the essential items you need for a specific pick up a cake tin, some paste, maybe a cake board you're also buy three cookie cutters, a texture mat and some more alphabet cutters!  They then sit in your cake cupboard until you're looking for a scraper that's worked its way to the bottom of the box and voila - new FMM cutters!  It was actually excellent timing that I found them as the font was perfect for my Aston Villa cake:

They were really easy to use and I love the font, definitely on the top of the box now!


  1. oh such a familiar story, I always come back with a few extra items from my local craft/cake shop.

    I just love it when I think ahh I'm sure a bought something that would be perfect for that & then turn the cupboards upside down to use my 'new toy.

  2. Getting new cutters is always like Christmas morning to me! I love your blog! Keep up the great work!