Friday, 19 March 2010

Aprons and Minds in unison

There are often funny 'moments' between my husband and myself...we text and email each other at the same time, plan the same events for the weekend, buy the same cards for each other but yesterday was a particularly good one...

There was a delivery to the house, two packages from the same company - one addressed to me, one addressed to him.  I knew mine was a customised apron that I'd ordered for myself a few weeks ago and it turns out Dave had ordered me a customised apron too - ordered and delivered on the same day!  Weird or what?! 

Our minds weren't quite in unison as he order a natural coloured apron (so the marks wouldn't show!) and I ordered a white one (for best!)

Maybe Dave and I spend too much time together....

And modelling them of course:


  1. You can never spend too much time together! The aprons are superb! x

  2. lol, wow your partner is so supportive, he does heaps to encourage your business, I really envy you.

  3. I am lucky. I think I would struggle to run a business without him!