Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My First Demonstration

Today I did something I am scared of.... public speaking!  I've always disliked talking in public and would always do what ever I could to get out of it but when a local networking group, REFER, invited me to speak at their birthday event I decided to face my fear!

REFER creates regular networking opportunities for ladies of influence in the Midlands financial services sector market and I was asked to talk and demonstrate some cupccake decorating then participate in a workshop for the attendees.

The event was held in Cobbetts' beautiful offices in Colmore Square.  Here are some shots of the room laid out in tables ready for the event and workshop.
My table!
Some cupcakes I'd brought along for inspiration

Amazingly I wasn't that nervous before I spoke (I think I did speak quickly but we were running out of time so that's my excuse!) and it seemed to go well, I even got a few laughs at my jokes!  And soon it was time for the workshop.
We decided to go with a Masterchef style challenge with each team having the same 'ingredients' and equipment and each team member having to decorate a cupcake
Here are some of the ladies at work!
(I like this photo as the ladies are smiling and look like they're having a nice time!)
And here are some of the decorated cakes - they were really good!
So my first demonstration is over and it looks like there may be an opportunity to do a similar demo at the Radisson in Birmingham - most exciting!

I wish I could say I'm going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing and watching Glee but something is happening tomorrow so I must prepare.....


  1. Well done, looks like it was a success. Not easy to speak in public. Bee x

  2. I think I'm still in shock about it as it all seems a blur! Couldn't sleep last night with it all going round in my head - fingers crossed for some orders from it!