Thursday, 25 March 2010


A photographer from the Birmingham Mail/Post has just been to take pictures of me! 

I'd prepared some Easter-y delights (which Neil, the photographer, accidentally put his finger in!) and he took an array of shots... fake taking cakes out of the oven, fake leaning nonchalantly against the kitchen cabinets etc.  The worst one was where I had to put my head really close to the table and cakes, lean on my arm while looking up and smiling - don't envy those model types. 

Here's the kitchen with some cakes before the 'shoot'

Neil was very nice and even posed for a fake picture for the blog

This is the set up for the final shot.  Imagine, to the right, a big round face wearing a false smile....

I don't think I have any more smiles left in me today..... I wonder what is in store for me tomorrow...