Friday, 16 April 2010

Nikon Camera Cake

I had an enquiry recently about the Nikon Camera cake on my website - I'd forgotten how much I like this cake!  The photos aren't very good as, at the time, I was still learning about lighting and where to put the cake for best effect (this was pre-daylight lamp time.  A new time period perhaps BDL - Before Daylight Lamp!)

The cake was made from a 10" square.  Two circles of cake were cut out and 'stuck' together with buttercream to make the lens shape, then wrapped in black sugarpaste.  When this base was dry another layer of paste was added and indented for the outer section of the lens then painted with numbers around the base.

The remainder of the square was sculpted into the shape of the camera body and also covered in black sugarpaste.  The buttons and screens were added.  I always find it best to research these type of cakes thoroughly so that you include all the proper details and you can impress with extra bits!  I look forward to making one again.....

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