Monday, 24 May 2010

40th Birthday celebrations

This cake was for a 40th birthday celebration where the client wanted the cake to reflect his architechural and art preferences with each tier telling a different story to his guests.

When we delivered the cake to the Botanical Garden my client was there and wanted a photo of me with the cake (the shame) so Dave took one too - cheeky!
It's nice to see the cake displayed at the venue as that's how the guests would see it!
Here is Dave all tired from carrying the heavy cake! (what would I do without my helper....)


  1. This is a gorgeous cake!! I love you you did the dome and the lace piping! And the pillars at the side of the cake is brilliant too! Great work!

  2. Thank you! It was a tricky design and I was concerned that the tiers wouldn't 'flow' but I was pleased how it turned out!

  3. That is a fabulous cake! I would imagine that this is a lot of pressure to do for a client who knows architecture. It came out perfectly - so he must've been so happy!

  4. Hi SweetThingTO, it was quite pressurised as my client had very particular requirements but when I saw him after the party he gave me a hug of thanks for I think he liked it!

  5. Caroline.
    Absolutely right - I was blown away by the cake. Far beyond my expectations both aesthetically and in its palatableness.
    Everyone at the party was astonished and it made a perfect centrepiece through-out the party.
    Thank You so Much Caroline's Cake company.

  6. Naveed, I'm so glad and thanks for the nice comment!