Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cupcake Demonstration

I performed a cupcake demostration last night at the Radisson Blu in Birmingham!  This was my second demonstration (first one was at the REFER event) and after my great experience in March I was looking forward to this one...and it didn't disappoint.  This event was for Marketing Birmingham who are a lovely group of people and very creative!

The room:

The tables:
Laid out with cakes and icing and anticipation!
The flipboard:
This is the first flipboard I have written on, next time I should:
a) make my writing bigger
b) use different colours
c) get someone else t do the whole thing to make it look acceptable
The cupcake workers:
Busy busy!

The cupcakes:
Aren't they fantastic??!
Thanks to the Radisson Blu and Marketing Birmingham for making it such an enjoyable evening!  Shall we do it again sometime??.....

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