Friday, 4 June 2010

Busy morning but so productive!

I'm making a wedding cake today.... yesterday was baking day (I just love it when the smell of baking cake is wafting around!) and today was covering day. 
I don't normally bake and cover three tiers in one go... most of the wedding cakes I make are a mixture of flavours (fruit, chocolate, vanilla etc) so I bake and cover them at different times but this cake is all lemon cake (yum) so I could bake and cover at the same time and it's been brilliant! 
I thought it would take most of the day but it's only lunchtime and I'm done - hurray!  So that means some of my To Do list for the weekend can be brought forward to today (or I can go and sit in the sun in the garden...choices, choices...)

Here are a few photos of my morning....  On the advice of the very lovely PurpleandPearls I installed an app on my iPhone called Hipstamatic which takes retro looking pictures and is completely addictive!

Yesterday's cakes all wrapped up:
Cakes all levelled and prepared:
Ooo, yummy lemon buttercream:
Have you tried Waitroses Seriously Zesty Lemon Curd?  It's seriously delicious:
Cakes all lemon-curded (is that a word I wonder?):
And then buttercreamed:
And covered with sugarpaste (I'd just like to point out that it's the camera effect that makes them look knobbily - honest!!)
After a busy morning you just have to have a cup of tea and some 'cake scraps'!:


  1. Congrats on your productivity! I also had a really great morning - baked 12 dozen cupcakes for a wedding tomorrow! That smell of baking cake is SO terrific!

  2. Wow, 12 dozen cupcakes - impressive!

  3. If curded isn't a verb - well, it should be! Those cakes look lovely :)

  4. Thanks...must investigate how you submit a new word into the dictionary!!

  5. wow, great job, love yr blog & your cakes, of course :)