Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My Cricut Cake...

I finally got the opportunity to have a little play with my Cricut Cake last week.... how gorgeous is this machine?  They could have just make it functional and drab but for starters it's bright red!  And smooth!  And it looks like something you would have on your spaceship!  (can you see my reflection in it's beautiful shiny surface?!)

Ooo, lights!
Rolled flowerpaste going in....
Ready to cut?
Oops!  Think the paste was too deep!
Let's try again.... still a little raggedy...
I added more vegetable fat to the flowerpaste and voila - nice shape!
I had to try the cupcake shape of course!


  1. i'm jealous! I wish you a long life with your beautiful cricut

  2. Oooh, looks fab! Can't wait to see how it does on more intricate and complex cut outs like lace.

  3. Thanks, I can't wait to have some time to really try out some design!

  4. I'm jealous too Caroline!!! I wish i can have one too! :D

  5. Was it worth the money? Do you see yourself using it in a lot of client cakes? I like that it cuts out fonts!!!

  6. We'll have to see if it's worth the money! The fonts were a big reason I got it - it'll be nice to use different ones rather than just the cutters I've got!

  7. I love my CC! It was worth every penny!

  8. The Cakerator - I'm glad to hear that!