Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Walking cake

This cake was commissioned for a 65th birthday celebration. The recipient, Jo, is a walker so his wife wanted his cake to reflect that love.  There was only one stipulation....the cake should NOT have a walking pole on it as Jo doesn't believe in them!  Fair enough, no walking pole but an ice axe instead.

It was a beautiful sunny day when I delivered the cake to their home and they had the caterers there setting up for a barbeque in the garden - how lovely.

Do you like my little map?
'The cake was much admired and tasted wonderful. Your details are now in my address book for next time!'


  1. This looks ver impressive, I really appreciate the details in the shoes. I was wondering with what tools did you do the molding for the shoes.

  2. Thanks! Moulded the shoes by hand then just indented the sole, tongue and shoelace holes and piped the laces...

  3. so cute! I like all the details..the map is awesome! so tiny, how did you draw all that in? And the shoes so cute!! Piped laces? Wow i admire your steady hand..very neat the lines..i wish i can do that..must practice a lot more to reach that! my hand always shake after a while when i!

  4. Hi faithy, the baker , the map was painted using one of our maps as a guide - quite pleased with how it turned out! The piped lines are straight but you didn't see the squiggly ones I had to take off and do again!!

  5. Love this little cake! And all the little details. It's the little things like details that separates the good cake from the extraordinary fantastic cakes