Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Cakerator

Just discovered that I'm listed as a favourite blog by The Cakerator - how nice is that?!

I really like The Cakerator.  She gives you fab tutorials and shares lots of tip and leaves lovely comments on my blog - how could I not like her?  Incidentally her real name is Maria and she's from North Carolina, USA - funny how with blogs you make 'friends' with people who live so far away!  

Look at this cool Doctor's Bag she made:

And this lovely boot cake (love the Cricut letters!):

Thanks for making my day The Cakerator!


  1. Wow!! Awesome cakes..thanks for sharing! I'm hoping over now to her blog!

  2. OMGosh what a compliment! Thanks so much Caroline! That means a lot coming from you!

  3. Great blog isn't it, love her work.

    I have just noticed that I am on there too, lucky aren't we :)

  4. We ARE lucky Sugar Siren and you deserve the compliment The Cakerator!