Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Gill and Pete's Wedding Cake Journey

Gill and Pete married at Cragwood Hotel in Windermere on the 17th July 2010 and kindly asked me to make their wedding cake.  My husband Dave went to university with Pete so we already knew them well!  We had two really nice meetings to discuss the design (as they live in Manchester we had to make a weekend of it and go out and eat and drink, it's a pity that isn't chargable as an expense!)   

Now just in case you don't know we live in Birmingham. 
The wedding was in Windermere. 
That's a 162.71 mile journey....with a wedding cake.....

As this was the furthest we'd travelled with a cake we decided to take each tier separately then construct at the venue.  This was the first time I'd completed each tier individually then assembled on site and I didn't realise how difficult it would be to decorate each tier of the cake without being able to see the overall effect and, as each tier had a different design, would they even 'fit' together?!! 
So after a busy week and a sleepness night (dreams of collapsed cakes were haunting me) we finally set off on our journey. 

I would hardly say it was a relaxing drive (but the Maltesers did help!):
  • It was a warm day so the air conditioning was on full blast (would the cakes be 'melting'?)
  • At one point Dave had to break sharply as we hit traffic (would the cakes have moved?)
  • The Lake District is extremely hilly (I repeat, would the cakes have moved?!!!)
We finally arrived at the venue and I was expecting to be shown to a small private room where I could construct the cake in a calm and peaceful environment.... we were actually taken to their pastry room which was filled with handmade chocs and bread rolls for the wedding the next day and there were people milling about and the manager kept 'popping in' but....I eventually finished assembling the cake and thankfully it looked good!

Gill and Pete came to see the finished cake and they gave me a present - how sweet!  It's a cupcake cushion which Gill had embroidered with their thanks and it now has pride of place on our fancy chair at home.

Me and Gill and Pete
My cushion (can you read the embroided message?)
Even the gift tag was super cute
Next time on Caroline's Cake Company.....the wedding!

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