Friday, 30 July 2010

Tobiah Tayo Photography

Sticking with the theme of Gill and Pete's wedding I must tell you about the photographer that 'shot their day' (is this what it's called?  There must be some cool phrase that is used about taking photos, anyone like to enlighten me?). 

His name is Tobiah Tayo and he is super cool! 

Check out his blog to see the wonderful photos he took of the wedding.  Thank you for letting me use these photos on my blog Tobiah!
What a fab shot of the other boat!

Isn't this a fabuous shot of the cake?!


  1. Fanfrigginetastic it is, my hubby is taking classes now to hone in on his photography skills. Luck for me it will be easy to pay him for his time!

  2. I'd love to take a photography course - when I get the time I'm going to do it!!

  3. Gorgeous photo of the cake! wow!

  4. I know - it's a beautiful photo....if only I could take photos of my cakes that look like that!