Monday, 5 July 2010

The weekend

I had a very exciting Saturday morning as I was a Judge for the annual Allotment competition.  So I met up with John (a traditional looking, overall wearing gardener) who won first prize last year, Sue and Ken (retired couple whose allotment does not have a single weed growing on it!) who won second prize then they was little old me, the third prize holder.  We walked around the plots assessing them for:

Use of plot
Visual aspect
Quality of produce
Variety of produce

and it was great fun.  I got to legitimately walk up and down other people's plots having a good old nose at their plants and structures.  I saw some inspiring things and can't wait for the winners to be announced!

Shopping Trip
Then Sunday afternoon on our way home from my dad's we stopped off at Bailey's.  It's like a cross between a reclamation yard and a designer shop - gorgeous!  Even the little tea room was interesting using vintage tables and chairs.... they do lovely tea by the way and delicious lemon cake! 

The kitchen section was particularly gorgeous
I would LOVE one of these cake stands with a cover....
We bought some lovely glasses, jars and look at that cute super round wooden spoon!
AND a cake stand.... of course!
Overall a really nice weekend!

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