Thursday, 29 July 2010

Which carrot cake was chosen?

I know you must be in tenterhooks wondering which carrot cake was used for the Gill and Pete's wedding cake... well, it was the Marks and Spencer one!  I used the same recipe as the book but just increased the amount of grated carrot and, judging by the reaction at the wedding, everyone agreed it was delicious!

Many thanks to Victoria's Cake Boutique for posting her carrot cake recipe - I will be trying that one when I get a minute!

(I'd just like to add that while we were up in the Lake District we visited a really nice cafe and I HAD TO have the carrot cake (it's my new obsession) and I must isn't a patch on mine!  It was far too cinnamon-y for my liking and in fact it was slightly uncooked!...)


  1. Now I have to try this recipe too! I'm always onthe lookot for good carrot cake recipes and strawberry pound cake recipes!

  2. Thanks for the lovely mention, Caroline. So pleased you're cake got to the Lake District intact!

  3. No problem Victoria, thank you for the recipe!