Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Elvis Wedding Cake

Claire and Andrew are a lovely couple.  They came round to see me, we looked at magazines, ate cake and discussed their day and cake desires.

Apparently one of the reasons they chose my company was that they saw from my blog that I have given my car a name (it's Pierre by the way as he's French) and that is something they would do too!  I think that's the most important aspect when choosing a cake designer - choose one that fits with you.

But enough of that and onto the cake! Andrew is a big Elvis fan so wanted his figure to be dressed as Elvis at Las Vegas, complete with the flares and jewelled cape! I’m not sure how much Claire shares his love but she wanted to be depicted in her wedding dress and was helpful enough to send through some photos of the dress so I could make her figure’s clothing more accurate.

I must admit that I love this cake. I love the purple ribbon and the purple flower centres and the flow of the dress and cape across the top of the cake.

Elegant but lots of fun and I received a lovely email the next day from Claire:

‘…we couldn't go away without letting you know how much we and everyone at our wedding yesterday LOVED our cake! My mum and dad had already seen it before us and were so excited about it so I knew we would be delighted, but when we saw it for ourselves we just couldn't believe how brilliant it was and how much effort you had put into making sure the dress and the jump suit were just spot on!

Thank you so much for being so lovely to work with and for taking so much care to make our cake so 'us'! It was one of the talking points of our day and we told everyone about you!
Many thanks again for all the time you must have spent on it.’

I’m so glad they liked it!

(The wedding was held at Nuthurst Grange in Hockley Heath which is a lovely venue with a helipad on the lawn outside the building – how posh!)


  1. soo cool!! It's lovely and your characters are so well crafted!

  2. This cake is amazing - love the details on the characters' sugar outfits.