Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Nursery Cake

One of my favourite clients, Debs, asked me to make a cake for her son.  He was leaving nursery to go to 'big school' and Debs wanted to give the nursery staff a present to thank them for all their help. 

This is the logo on the wall outside the nursery building.

And this is the cake!
(I used my Cricut Cake to do the lettering to get the same font and it worked well - I'm so pleased!)

This is the lovely email from Debs:

Hi Caroline

The staff were so impressed with the design, the cameras came out immediately! Apparently it was all gone by the Friday afternoon – unbelievable given the size, so obviously went down well, the chocolate mud always does! And I had lots of tears which Ben and Freya thought was hilarious!

Thank you so much, yet again!

LoL Dx