Thursday, 2 September 2010

Diving Wedding Cake

Last week I made a wedding cake for a lovely couple who met whilst diving.  The cake was a three tier stacked together with separators which were to be covered with fresh flowers.  We transported the individual tiers and stacked them together at the venue (Wroxall Abbey - nice!), I got my camera out to take my usual 1000 photographs and discovered I'd left the memory card at home..... to say I was frustrated by this is an understatement!

I did take a few snaps at home before we left...this is the underwater camera:

Here are the bride and groom with their diving gear on:

I did manage to take a couple of shots with my phone but it's not the same is it?....

I'm hoping some kind person will send me some photos of the completed cake!


  1. i love this cake. love how it looks stacked.
    outstanding job on the diving couple.

  2. Thank you both - I really enjoyed making these models!

  3. Those characters are fabulous! I hope someone sends you some photos.

  4. Thanks SweetThingsTO! I've contacted their photography about getting a photo but in my limited experience the photographer is more interested in the couple than the cake (have I got my priorities wrong?!!) ha ha

  5. What an awesome idea for the bride and groom, I'm sure they loved it!