Saturday, 18 September 2010

What happened to the Diving couple?

My clients have asked me to make their cake topper into a keepsake.  As a reminder here's the bride and groom topper the day before the wedding:

And this is how they look now:  
Poor things!  This was all a sharp eyed bridesmaid could salvage from the cake cutting.  The groom just has a stump for a left arm and one of the brides arms has disappeared altogether.  Their feet are missing, they have cake crumbs encrusted on their outfits and don't get me started on their mucky faces! 
Hopefully I'll be able to restore them to their former glory...


  1. I am sure you will be. your topper are perfect!!! flawless, always.

  2. Hi Caroline
    A wonderful discovery of creations..simply like your works...nice visual effect and impact...shall pass by often..

  3. I love this topper, but I can't believe how they were mutilated! You are now the sugar doctor!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!!!! I sooo love this topper too!!! Fantastic work! Great figures!

  5. Thank you Rylan! Loving looking at your work on your website - fantastic!