Friday, 21 January 2011

Rose birthday cake for a future ballet star?

Paige was 14 last Saturday. 
She lives in Birmingham. 
Her family live in Yorkshire. 
This is because she goes to ballet school...

I find this overwhelmingly impressive.  I took ballet lessons as a child and, even though I enjoyed it, wasn't very good.   Paige is SO good that she started studying at Elmhurst School of Dance at the age of 11.  Her mum must be so proud and also a little sad that her daughter lives so far away, and I've found out that her second daughter started at the school in September - twice the pride and twice the sadness!

This was the third birthday cake that I have made for Paige (previous ones being ballet shoes and a Twilight cake).  In keeping with her 'advancing years', we went for a more grown-up design incorporating her favourite flowers and using pistachio and ruby colours.


'Just to let you know, Paige loved her cake , she sent me a message saying it is so pretty and (((((((((((((AMAZING))))))))) (that is how paige wrote it). Paige also said that you are clever and good at your cake making & she has adored every cake you have made her and they taste soooooooooo scrummy!!.'


  1. It's a beautiful cake, I love roses. I just made a pie nos co ... and I'm fascinated!
    I invite you to meet my blog!

  2. Thank you Ratita, I'll take a look at your blog!