Monday, 28 February 2011

A few lovely mentions...

Since participating in the Designer Vintage Bridal Show last week we've had a few mentions and some pictures of our cakes on different websites so....

The lovely Emily-Jayne gave us a mention on her blog...thanks Emily-Jayne!
"Also the rather lovely Caroline's Cake Company, who kept me fueled on delicious cake samples for the weekend! "

And these blogs included a few photos of our lovely cakes! (all by Emma Case photography) - thank you all!

Rock 'n' Roll Bride

And Love My Dress blog mentioned us in the vendor listings too!


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Designer Vintage Bridal Show

It was my first bridal show last weekend.   The Designer Vintage Bridal Show took place at Highbury Hall in Birmingham - a fantastic venue.  Each room in the house was filled with amazing stands and companies - exciting and inspirational.

Dave and I arrived at the venue on the Friday evening to set up:

Then it was Saturday and the show was about to start!

Our spot was on the landing looking over the main hall.  I must admit that my first thought on seeing our position on the plans was 'welcome to the cheap seats' but in fact I think it was a good position - open space, easy to nose over the ballastrade, nice backdrop, quirky space for cards and cake stands.  The disadvantages were the landing was narrow, so a shallower table would have been better, and there wasn't an obviously walk through so some people headed straight to the wedding dress rooms then headed straight back downstairs (perhaps I should have positioned Dave at the top of the stairs to head them off!)

Another nice thing about the landing was our neighbouring exhibitors were all lovely!  Next to us at the end of the room were the Nero String Quartet - lovely ladies who played fantastic covers of songs by bands like The Killers and Elbow as well as the classics like 'Get me to the church on time' - they made us smile many times with their choices throughout the two days of the show.
Our opposite neighbour was Sheena Holland who makes amazing head pieces from vintage material, buttons, pearls or whatever she can lay her hands on - check out her's stunning.
Next was Abigail Hall (who incidentally only lives around the corner from me) a house stylish but also creates beautiful paintings and could be seen with her easel bringing art to life.
Our other next door neighbour was Liezl Croft - lovely photography and nice to chat to as well!
In the adjacent room were two more lovely companies Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture and image consultant Emily-Jayne.  Kate creates the most beautiful wedding dresses but what I loved EVEN more were the gorgeous hats and veils she had on her display (I would like one just to wear around the house to make me feel glam while I'm washing up!).  Kate was accompanied by the sweetest man (I didn't find out if they were a couple or even his name (shame on me)) but he was SO friendly he put a smile on my face each time I saw him.  Emily-Jayne was super glamourous (I must confess to being envious of both the outfits she wore at the show!) and super nice - she even gave me a mention on her blog!

Some little samples for the guests (and other exhibitors!)
We met some lovely lovely people (and hopefully future clients!) - they were lining up to sample our wares!

I must say a big thank you to my lovely helpers - my husband Dave and my sister Julia!  I could not have managed without them... they engaged with people, said lovely things about my work, brought the stand to life, gave out LOTS of cake bites and thankfully gave me time to rest (my cold was kicking in) - thank you both SO much!

Were you one of the lovely people we met at the show?  We'd love to hear what you thought of our stand and cakes and service...

Speak soon!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Caroline's Cake the press!

My clients, the lovely Lucy and Alex, have had their wedding day featured in West Midlands Your Wedding magazine!  Not only does this mean I get to see some stunning photographs of their special day but Caroline's Cake Company gets a mention too!

The photos were taken by Rob Gillespie Photography and I'd love a copy of the cake photo for my website....(maybe I should contact Rob eh?!)

Friday, 11 February 2011

My day... preparation for the Designer Vintage Wedding Show next weekend.....

Monday, 7 February 2011

Designer Vintage Bridal Show 19th/20th Feb 2011

I'm going to be an exhibitor at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show!

This will be my first Bridal Show and I am feeling excited and terrified in equal measure! 

The show is taking place on the 19th and 20th February at Highbury Hall in Moseley, Birmingham which is a beautiful house built by Joseph Chamberlain in 1878.  Each room is packed with period features and the main hall is wood panelled with a gorgeous balustrade around the top level - fantastic for photos me thinks.

There will be some amazing and inspiring exhibitors at the show.  I am particularly looking forward to seeing the wedding dresses by Tobi Hannah - they look so fresh and cool, love them!

And I love this old photo I found online of the Highbury Hall in 1900 - looks Manderley out of the book Rebecca (anyone know it?)

So remember....19th/20th February...Highbury Hall...and me!


Friday, 4 February 2011

Rotunda Cake

Just a few more snaps of the Rotunda cake that I took before the event last week...

The inspiration!

And the cake.  If I ever make a Rotunda cake again I'm going to put a little plastic rail around the balcony with little tables and chairs and I'd like to get the roof more accurate with struts and bars and stuff!