Saturday, 5 March 2011


...always believe in your soul, you've got the power to know you're indestructible, always believe in....

Sorry, got a bit carried away there!  This is a 'Favourite Things' cake for a 60th birthday celebration and one of the items was a Spandau Ballet record (which just gets me singing... Gold!),  The cake also included make up, sewing bits and Shrek - I like a lady with diverse tastes!  The model on the top tier is dressed in the outfit the recipient wore to her daughter's wedding and as it's a fake tier she can keep it as a memento too.


  1. oooh - I love Spandau Ballet - I have their songs in my head now. What a pretty character and dress cake topper! So elegant - look at those shoes!

  2. I think I might have to go and put my Spandau Ballet greatest hits CD on!