Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Teacups Wedding Cake

The bride was from Stoke on Trent, the groom from Scotland hence the teacups and the kilt!

The wedding was in the Cotswolds so the cake needed to travel and was being transported by the bride's parents so myself and the construction department had many discussions and sleepless nights thinking about the safest way to support and move this kind of cake!

It did arrive safely though and the bride and groom were happy which is what it's all about:

'I've been desperate to say a huge thank you for the magnificent cake. I was so excited with it I totally loved it it was gorgeous and utterly perfect! '


Until next time!


  1. This IS gorgeous and utterly perfect!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

  2. absolutely gorgeous! absolutely perfect! I am in looove:)))) I so wanna do this my self some day!

  3. What a fabulous idea for a wedding cake - it is just perfect!

  4. Thank you - you are all so supportive and I really appreciate it!