Friday, 8 July 2011

Garden for Three Cake

This cake was for three siblings all celebrating birthdays within weeks of each other - one was turning 65, another 70 and the third 75!  They all have a love of gardening and nature so we decided to go with a cake for each - June's cake was chocolate mud and decorated as a flowerpot with her favourite purple pansies on top.  Paul loves his allotment so for him it was a carrot cake decorated as a raised bed with (of course) carrots growing out of the top.  For Ken we went with a lemon and poppy seed cake decorated as a bird box.

I didn't want a front and back for this cake (I didn't want any arguments among the siblings about their cake being at the back!) so the board is meant to be viewed from all sides with each cake 'at the front'! (but this did make it super hard to photograph!)

See you again soon