Sunday, 24 June 2012

Steak and Chips Platter Cake

I was contacted by Pete at Willoughby PR and Scott from Spirit Pub Company to create a birthday cake for one of their clients.  A Flaming Grill pub was celebrating it's second anniversary and they requested a replica of their popular steak platter.

The cake was all edible with sugar steak, onions, chips and sauce...what do you think?

This was the very first time I had made savoury food like this so it took a few practice attempts, especially with the steak - difficult!  It was a great opportunity to use my much ignored airbrush too and I must say I was very happy with the results...there is room for improvement with the final look of the chips but, as I walked by them while they were drying on the worktop, I felt a huge temptation to pick one up and eat it so perhaps they weren't that bad!

See you soon...


  1. What a fun cake! Love it - would love a chip or two!