Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Entwined Rings Cake

When David and James approached me to make a cake for their civil partnership I was excited by the complexity of the design and a little scared! 

They requested two entwined cake rings decorated with all their individual and joint interests and items from the past.... the list was:
Piano keys & notes, Vintage Triumph Spitfire Car, DJ Decks & speakers, Records, Walking boots, Tennis racquets, Boat with mast, St Basil's Cathedral towers in Moscow, Doctor Who TARDIS, Apple, Blackboard and a sign...
And this is how it turned out!

A blackboard and red apple as James is a teacher

 David owned this blue Triumph Spitfire car so I recreated it with edible paints

Mr D made the little boat mast using wooden dowels, cotton material, wonderweb and string - he's a genius
"Doctor Whoo-oo! (HEY) The TARDIS"
This song kept playing around and around in my head while I airbrushed the TARDIS
(oh no, it's back in my head again!)
 An aerial view

 The St Basil's towers were a challenge!

 I love how the shiny cake board reflects the items above.

I think my favourite part was the blackboard, Mr D made the easel and I think it's adorable...which is your favourite part?



  1. Very cool how you were able to fit in everything and it doesn't look too busy - its perfect!

    1. I was worried about that too but thankfully there was some 2D decorations so think it worked!