Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Happy Centenary Moorpool Estate!

I'm a very lucky girl.  Apart from the fact I have a fabulous husband and loving family and friends I also live in a very nice area on a very nice 'estate'. 

Our estate was built between 1907 and 1912 and was designed as part of the Garden Suburb ideal under the watchful eye of John Sutton Nettlefold.  Each house was to have some land to grow vegetables, there would be open spaces and community areas. 

Five hundred pretty houses were built on tree lined roads with a row of shops, a village hall, tennis courts, a bowling green, allotments and the Moor Pool itself, with a fishing club.  Last week was the final centenary celebration - an evening at the Winterbourne Botanic Gardens the house where Nettlefold lived and I was proud to make a cake to help the celebrations along!
Here are some photos of the estate as it looks today:

And here's the cake! 

I wanted to include the shops and some of the houses in the design so made some 2D/bas-relief/painted houses.

And I added the old original road signs - with all 16 road names of course! (they took a while to paint)

The topper was supposed to look like a house sign...not quite sure it worked

Happy Centenary Moorpool Estate!

And at the beautiful venue (you really should go to the Winterbourne Botanic Gardens if you get the chance!)

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of information about my estate!